Following 13 years working as a senior workshop technician in two of the most prestigious hifi and video repair shops in North West London, Highview Video was esablished in 1985 to promote a more personal service. I have repaired thousands of pieces of equipment over the years including televisions, DVD, video recorders, camcorders, plasma and LCD screens, etc. Previously located at 159 Hale Lane in Edgware I now repair from a home workshop.

I have been on numerous training courses over the years with major manufacturers. Here are some examples of the courses I have been on:



Acoustic Research, A&R Cambridge, Aiwa, Akai, Alpha, Alphason, Arena, AR, Arcam, Ariston, Armstrong, Audio Innovations, Audiolab, Aurex, B&O, B&W, Beard, Beocord, Beogram, Beomaster, Boston Acoustics, Bose, BSR, Bush, Cambridge Audio, Carlton, Carver, Celestion, Cerwin Vega, Chord, Connoiseur, Conrad Johnson, Counterpoint, Creek, Croft, Custom Sound, Cyrus, Dansette, Decca, Denon, Dual, Dynatron, Eagle, Fender, Fennman, Ferguson, Fisher, Gale, Garrard, Goldring, Goodmans, Grundig, Hacker, Haffler, Harbeth, Harmon Kardon, Haybrook, Hitachi, HMV, IMF, Inkel, Integrex, ITT KB, Jamo, JBL, Jim Rogers, JR, JVC, Kef, Kelvin Labs, Kenwood, Klinger, Korting, Krell, Leak, Lenco, Linx, Lux, Luxman, Lynx, Marantz, Mark Levinson, Martin Logan, McIntosh, Meridian, Michell, Mission, Mitsubishi, Monitor Audio, Murphy, Musical Fidelity, NAD, Naim, Nakamichi, National, NEAL, NRG, Nytech, Onix, Onkyo, Optonica, Panasonic, Philips, Pilot, Pioneer, Proton, PYE, QED, Quad, Radford, Rega, Revox, Roberts, Roksan, Rogers, Rotel, Sansui, Sanyo, Scan Dyna, Servo Sound, Sharp, Sherwood, Sonab, Sony, Soundlab, Spendor, Sugden, Superscope, Tandberg, Tannoy, Teac, Technics, Telefunken, Toshiba, Thorens, Tresham, Trilogy, Trio, Uher, Vega, Wharfdale, Yamaha.

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